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Bedford Seminars

Study Smarter, Not Longer!


Like many students, I found that much of the exam syllabus readings and available study material left a lot to be desired. Explanations often lacked intuition, resulting in increased study time, blind memorization, and sub-par understanding. 

After recently completing my Fellowship, I decided to build the study material I wish I had when studying for exams.

I have developed this manual with the goal of allowing students to learn the material more efficiently and intuitively, resulting in a deeper understanding that not only increases their likelihood of passing the exam in less time, but also sticks with them throughout their careers. Don't take my word for it, here are some recently updated testimonials.

By teaching study habits that are optimized for this style of exam and providing instruction that teaches the "why" rather than simply regurgitating the "what" or "how" of the material I am able to cut down on your needed study time while increasing your understanding of the material and likelihood of passing.

As a consulting Actuary I have a deep understanding of the material and extensive experience explaining complex topics in an easy to understand and intuitive way. To successfully pass exams with confidence in today’s environment you need to fully understand the material on a deep and intuitive level.

The Study Material Includes:

  • Complete study manual covering the entire syllabus 

  • Original and prior CAS practice problems (in Excel) - Revised and Expanded for Fall 2024

  • Original practice exam (in Excel)

  • Fully functional Excel workbooks containing all end of chapter exhibits from the reserving text and appendices from the ratemaking text

  • Condensed/summary notes and flashcards

  • Advanced problem set (for second pass through material- in Excel)

  • Past three CAS exams held out separately for use as practice exams (in Excel)

  • Coming Fall 2024 -Access to the new Discussion Forum with weekly study check-ins

The video seminar includes instruction covering all material, in depth examples, and numerous practice problems. Video are available on-demand.

Assuming your budget allows for it, I highly recommend purchasing both the instructional videos and study material as the videos supplement the study manual rather than simply going over the manual again. I decided to offer the study material alone for those who do not have the budget for both

-You'll have free access to the material until you pass. 

-The study manual also includes tips for effective studying and exam taking. I have read a fair amount of research on how we best learn and retain information, including optimal study techniques for maximum understanding and retention. I have incorporating this knowledge into the design of the study manual, practice problems, and review. 

-The manual is in PDF format. You will be responsible for printing it yourself if you so desire (I very strongly recommend you print it double sided and in color). Please note, each file contains  unique hidden identifiers to protect against unauthorized sharing or resale.

Samples from Chapter 12 - Case Outstanding Development Technique


Condensed Notes


Practice Problems


Excel Exhibits with Commentary

Sample Video


(if using the default PDF reader on a Mac you may need to install the "Cambria" font or use Adobe Reader to view properly)

If you feel you need additional samples to make your purchasing decision, please send me an email.

I look forward to helping you on your journey through the exams.


Best of Luck,

Jim Bedford




"I wanted to send you a note to let you know I passed Exam 5, I couldn’t have done it without your material, it was so well done and clear. This is actually the first exam I’ve ever passed on the first attempt and I think that speaks volumes to how great your stuff is for Exam 5. Thank you a ton!"

© 2024 by Jim Bedford, FCAS, MAAA

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